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P-SB7T REV 7 Spirit Box

P-SB7T REV 7 Spirit Box

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The new Rev 7 P-SB7 Spirit Box® now incorporates a faster 50ms (20 freq/sec) added to the adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" speeds coupled with a proprietary 50kHz Frequency "Flutter" technique distributed between the frequency steps. After considerable research using our RadioX-ITC platform, it has been determined that Spirits have the ability of manipulating and distorting the weaker leading and trailing edges of the predominant radio stations. The 50kHz frequency flutter inserted between these "hot spots" enables a larger area for Spirit to respond which results in a more enhanced, and longer Spirit response

The P-SB7T Spirit Box® utilizes a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" technique coupled with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps. The P-SB7T Spirit Box® offers a six step adjustable sweep rate that provides user flexibility based on individual technique and session circumstances. A bright Red (670nm) back light display with manual ON/OFF select is ideal for viewing in the dark. The P-SB7T Spirit Box® uses three "AAA" batteries. The P-SB7T Spirit Box® is intended to be used by professional investigators to help promote the field of Paranormal ITC Research. 


  •  Multi-Function Spirit Box
  • Integrated Temperature Measurement with Ambient and Temperature Deviation Display
  • Selectable C/F units
  • User Selectable AM/FM Forward / Reverse Sweep Rates: 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 250ms, 300ms, 350ms
  • Real Time Volume Adjustment
  • 250mW Speaker Output
  • 15mW Earphone Output
  • High Intensity Mini Built-in Flashlight
  • Red (670nm) Backlight LCD with Manual ON/OFF Control
  • Power: (3) AAA Alkaline Batteries (Included)
  • 1 year warranty .


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