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APF-D Processor

APF-D Processor

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Designed by Gary Galka of DAS, the APF-D processor is more of an analytical tool that is used with frequency sweep radio's and other recording devices. The APF is a real time recorder that operates continuously during your session. Even when you "pause" your session sweep data is being accumulated and ready for user analysis with the push of a button. It can operate efficiently for up to four hours using the supplied (rechargeable) 9Vdc battery. 

The APF-D Processor will Greatly Enhance The Performance of Any Spirit Box Sweep Session  

  • Rewind in 10 second increments as many times, and as far back as you like.
  •  You can adjust the Playback Speed to make listening to a response easier and more clear.
  • A High Pass Filter is provided to elevate the responses that sound muffled or have too much base. This filter also great to compensate for playback speed reduction
  • Our Adjustable Noise Filter (ANC) removes as much or as little noise as you want from the sweep session.
  • You can Pause and Resume your session without losing any data.
  • Provides a real time Audio spectrum of sounds and voice artifacts.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth Tx and Rx. 
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