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The ANC-Mini Sweep Radio Noise Remover from DAS-Pro Measure, the makers of the SB7T Spirit Box, Mel Meter and the "Real" REM Pod.  We have the ANC-Mini in our kit.   

The ANC-Mini is an adjustable noise control and spirit response amplifying device that can be used with a number of Spirit Box Sweep Radios including: P-SB7, P-SB7T, P-SB11, S-Box and many others that offer a separate audio output. The ANC-Mini is a very easy to use device that utilizes two buttons for partial or complete noise removal and control. It utilizes a proprietary software algorithm that dynamically adjusts the audio noise filter "hold & release" properties which enables a clearer spirit response. These responses can be better heard and deciphered by the user during their Spirit Box sessions and will provide a more amplified response. 

Accessories Included: (2) Audio Cables, (2) AA Alkaline Batteries, (I) Velcro 

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