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EVP Wrist Recorder - USED

EVP Wrist Recorder - USED

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Perfect condition  The EVP Recorder new cost $79.   Great deal at $44.95.

This 'handy' audio recorder puts high quality EVP capture right on your wrist with a full color display, live listening, built in speaker and more storage. Just put it on, hit record and go investigating. This unit will last through the night without having to even think about it. While strapped on your wrist you will greatly reduce false evidence from fumbling sounds leaving your hands free to work.

  • Comfortably worn on your wrist with adjustable band
  • Full color screen menu
  • LIVE Listening of EVPs
  • Built-in speaker for review
  • Double storage space
  • Lighted display for view in the dark
  • 8GB storage for recordings or file transfer
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery

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