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EM Field Disturbance Detector - USED

EM Field Disturbance Detector - USED

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Perfect condition  Manufactured by Briidea it is identical to the REM Pod and we bought one to test it.  We have used it for about 6 months and have to say it functions perfectly. 

 You can find these online from $129 to $149.  Great addition to your kit at only $84.95. 

360 degree detection radiates its own EM field and detects fluctuation field changes which instantly sets off audible alarms and visual alerts.

ADJUSTABLE EM FIELD DETECTION SENSITIVITY: This unit has an adjustable EM field detection sensitivity allowing instant response to energy fluctuations and disturbances, which you can adjust as needed. The radiating antenna enhances the ability to detect EM field disturbance while being removable for easy storage when not in use. 

AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION OF EM FIELD STRENGTH: 360° energy detector circuit that automatically calibrates the strength of the EM field every 7 seconds,

SENSITIVELY RESPONSIVE TO TEMPERATURE SHIFTS: One of the distinctive methods for detecting paranormal presence involves monitoring abrupt changes in ambient or air temperature. Simply activate the temperature switch and the indicator light and alarm will promptly alert you. This feature enhances your ability to discern potential paranormal occurrences swiftly.

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